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Stepdaddy Phone Sex

Last night mommy walked in on daddy and I enjoying step daddy phone sex.  I was trying to be quiet, but as his cock grew bigger inside of my pussy, I couldn’t help but scream.  Mommy had just came in from work and really didn’t understand what was going on until she came in the back room and found me jumping up and down on daddy’s lap.  She told us to both leave, but my step daddy checked her really quick.  He let her know that I was his new womN and that she would never be able to sleep in the bedroom again that they once shared.  I moved into their bedroom last night and don’t ever plan on leaving.

Step daddy told me he wants me to have his babies now.  He shot a big load up inside of me last night so I’m hoping I will get pregnant soon.  I’ll have to wait a few weeks to learn if impregnation phone sex actually worked.  I’m in love with his cock and can’t get it off my mind.  Tonight I can’t wait to take a shower with him after I fuck him for a midnight snack.

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