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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Incest Phone Sex With Nala

My daddy always told me that I could get anything I wanted as long as I did exactly as he said.  I learned at a young age that men only think of fucking young tight pussies all day.  My brother, uncle, and daddy always had their way with me and I didn’t stop them.  Fucking my brother was always the best.  He made me cum hard every time h stuck his big piece of meat inside of me.  His rock hard abs, muscles, and sexy eyes had me cumming before he even hit my gspot.  After I moved out of the house, my brother and I always stayed in close contact and have incest phone sex several times a week.

My new boyfriend actually caught me and my brother having sex last week and I haven’t heard from him since.  I told my brother I needed something fixed in my apartment so he headed right over.  As soon as he came through the door I got down on my knees and took off his pants.  I wrapped my lips tightly around his cock and milked it with my tongue.  I was so into sucking his dick, that I forgot I left the door open.  He told me he wanted me to ride his tongue so I took off my panties and squatted on his face.  My pussy was covered in my brother’s spit.  This was the best brother sister phone sex we’ve had.

As soon as I sat on my brother’s dick, my boyfriend walked into my apartment.  I looked straight into his eyes as I rode my brother’s cock with no worries.  My boyfriend let out a big gasp and then ran out of my place.  I always told him to call before he came.

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Therapy Phone Sex With Christy

It’s time for a little phone sex therapy with your favorite phone sex therapist.  I often get calls from men who are desperate to get their sex lives in order.  Many of the men aren’t equipped with the right tools to satisfy a woman and don’t know how to improvise.  Sure cock is great, but you can’t just ram it into a girls pussy and expect her to cum right away.  You need to lick the twat carefully and precisely and use a lot of spit to get your lady right.  My favorite phone sex is teaching a man how to carefully please a woman and have her cumming for days.

Last night one guy called me bragging about how huge sausage is, but he can never make a girl cream on it.  The problem is that he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing.  He doesn’t know how to eat pussy and won’t finger his woman while he’s fucking her.  I told him to imagine me sitting on his face, grinding on it slowly.  My pussy drips sweet nectar into his mouth while his cock stands at attention.  While I’m riding his face, I lean back and play with his cock and get it ready to enter my pussy.  I do squats on his cock and watch as he gazes at my tits jumping up in the air.  He can’t get enough of my tight pussy wrapped around his cock.  I then get off and tease him by playing with my twat in front of him.  He came so hard, he almost forgot what he was doing.

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